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DX-4 Plus Battery Case (2400mAH) - iPhone 4/4s

DX-4 Plus Battery Case (2400mAH) - iPhone 4/4s

DX-4 Plus Battery Case (2400mAH) - iPhone 4/4s


Immense Battery Life
The included 2400mAh battery cell produces an enormous 310 hours of standby time and adds an additional 140% battery life to the iPhone 4/4S! The DX Plus battery also provides, 43 hours of music playback, 8 hours of web-browsing, and 10 hours of talk time.

Business Grade
Phones today are not only communication devices but extensive and sophisticated tools. The DX Plus was made to facilitate high-end users, including business professionals. The extended battery, the slim design, and double charging speed are made to keep users moving.

Technologically Advanced
The DX Plus was designed to match the demands of today’s iPhone users. With the ability to sync and charge through the battery case, double the speed of re-charging, and add more than double the battery life the DX Plus battery case for iPhone 4/4s is the new standard in battery powered technology.

Designed to Impress
Knowing that many iPhone enthusiasts enjoy the light-weight and functional design of the iPhone, we at uNu created the DX Plus to emanate the iPhones form. By adding a slim backing, ergonomic feel and applying precise details to ensure full functionality, uNu has enhanced protection and more than doubled power without sacrificing style.

The Battery Power of Aero
By re-designing the charging circuit, the Aero can achieve a significantly higher charging efficiency than its predecessors. With a 2000mAh built-in battery, the Aero is powerful enough to provide an additional 100% charge to your iPhone 5 and 85% to your iPhone 5S. This means more talking, texting, and browsing. In fact, the Aero can add up to 10 hours of additional talk time, or 270 hours of stand-by time.

Aero-Space Engineering
The protective frame of the case provides sturdy defense against the accidents of everyday life. With enforced corners, strong backing and a raised-edge lip to protect the screen, the Aero is ready for the unexpected.