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AX Series 3-Port Car Charger

AX Series 3-Port Car Charger

AX Series 3-Port Car Charger


A Reliable Powerful Source for Your Car
The UNU AX series of Car Chargers are built to charge all of your power needs quickly and easily. Equipped with three USB port charging outputs, an ultra-durable aluminum framing and a stylish design, the AX Car Charger is the ultimate power source for your car.

The World's Most Durable Charger
The AX Car Charger is built from high-quality components to ensure long-lasting usage. The aluminum framing provides a second-to-none sturdiness, which prevents damage to the car charger. Plus, the contacts are made of high-quality metal alloy, which transmit power efficiently.

Three Charging Ports
Designed with 3-USB charging ports, the AX provides all the charging capabilities you (and anyone else in the car) might need. The ports combined are optimized to charge a whole range of products including, tablets, smart phones, cameras, MP3's, as well as almost any other mobile device.

Universal Compatibility
Featuring cool blue LED inner glowing from dual USB ports. The The UNU AX Car Charger works on almost any mobile device. Each individual USB port is specifically designed to work with different type of devices so that you can maximize your charging experience without sacrificing time.

Designed with Style in Mind
The low-profile frame of AX allows the charger to significantly reduce valuable space in your car. The attractive metallic frame adds a classy style that works with almost any interior design or color of your vehicle.

Pocket Sized
Standing just 60mm (2.25in) tall, the AX is the smallest car charger in the industry. With such a small frame. the AX is the perfect accessory in your car, or when you need to travel with it - a perfect travel companion.

Built to Last
Engineered to be smarter, the AX Car Charger features advanced circuitry which helps prevent overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting.