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Enerpak Extreme Battery Pack (14000mAH)

Enerpak Extreme Battery Pack (14000mAH)

Enerpak Extreme Battery Pack (14000mAH)


Recharge Your Products Up to 7X's
Not to sound extreme but this (14,000mAh) battery can recharge even the most powerful devices multiple times. The Extreme is built to keep dispensing power long after most other batteries have simple dried up.

Two Charging Ports Doubles Charging Efficiency
Designed with two USB charging ports, the Extreme can charge two products at the same time! That means up to a 50% less wait time to charge your products. Plus, now you never have to worry about juggling precious USB charging ports again.

Better Batteries
The Enerpak Extreme isn't just "made", it's engineered to be a finely tuned energy supply that helps you live a better life. In fact, we make sure every component of the Enerpak Extreme is the best it can be so you'll have long-lasting power! Learn more about what's inside the Enerpak Extreme and what makes it so great here! 

Take the Extreme With You!
Like all our Enerpaks, the Extreme is built to be portable. Take it with you on a trip, leave it in the car, or put it in a backpack, the Extreme is ready to go whenever you need it. Plus, with its huge power capacity, the Extreme is great for extended trips.

Easy to Use: Single Button Interface
The Enerpak Maximum might have enough power to mimic a small sun, but you would never know it from its size. The Maximum can still slide in a pocket, fit in a purse or tag along in a backpack making portable power extra convenient.