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Superpak i2 (5000mAH)

Superpak i2 (5000mAH)

Superpak i2 (5000mAH)


Small Size, Big Power
The energy packed Superpak i2 is made for all things mobile. Powerful enough to charge your phone multiple times, yet small enough to easily fit in your hand.

Compact Design
When portability is a priority, make sure to rely on the i2. This powerful unit is the world’s smallest 5000mAh battery pack.

uSmart Charging
The inteligent port actively detects your mobile device and maximizes charging speeds, increasing efficiency and reducing time.

Advance Cable Design
Use one cable to charge all your favorite products.

Built To Last
Engineered to be smarter, the Superpak i2 features advanced circuitry which helps prevent overheating, and short circuiting.