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Enerpak Flexi Battery Pack (4400mAH)

Enerpak Flexi Battery Pack (4400mAH)

Enerpak Flexi Battery Pack (4400mAH)

Award-winning Flexi Cable is Embedded
Do you enjoy having an extra battery around but hate having to find a cable to charge it? The Flexi has a special "flexible" MicroUSB cable built into the design. Simply pull the cable out and begin to charge! When done, simply replace the cable back and the Flexi will return to its original form. This cable works with the majority of android smartphones and tablets.

Better Batteries
The Flexi Portable Battery isn’t just “made” it’s engineered to be a finely tuned energy supply that helps you live a better life. In fact, we make sure every component of the Flexi Portable Battery is the best it can be so you’ll have long-lasting power! Learn more about what’s inside a Flexi Portable Battery and what makes it so great here!

Ultra Portable Power
The uNu Flexi is convenient power at its finest. Built to be small enough to fit inside a pocket, purse, or backpack, the Flexi can follow you everywhere. Plus, the Flexi is designed to be ultra-light making it completely travel friendly. Surprisingly, this ultra portable battery pack boasts an unparallel battery capacity of 4400mAh to boost any USB powered portable electronics.

Easy Self-Recharge
Engineered by UNU, the flexi has undergone numerous stress tests to ensure quality, reliability and safety. It can be recharged and reused for more than 500 cycles. In addition, recharging can be done by simply reversing the built-in cable and connect flexi to a USB power source.

Powerful and Colorful

One of the best new features of the Flexi is its color options. Available in 7 vibrant color combinations, the flexi is a perfect blend of styles and functions. Pick the color that suits you and you are also ready for a power hungry day.

The Power of "UNUversal"
Like all uNu products, the Flexi is dedicated to getting you charged and ready to go. Therefore, the Flexi is equipped with a universal(UNUversal) USB charging port to work with all of your portable exlectronics via your existing cables.